Brightline Products

We'll do it right with consistency and quality.  Get free shipping when you send 4 or more appliances per shipment. 

We will make it how you want it.

Rapid palatal expanders for maxillary expansion and arch development.

Lower holding arches for superior space maintenance.

Other Products

Other Products

We offer a variety of other products, but we specialize in the three appliances that are 95% of your lab needs.  Check out our PRICES page to see the full list of what we offer.  If it's not on there, just give us a call.  We will do everything we can to meet your specific appliance needs.

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"Brightline Orthodontic Lab exceeds my expectations with every case I send.  Fit has always been perfect and appliance quality is great.  In the past I used multiple labs for my orthodontic appliances but have been so happy with Kyle and Brightline that I don't need anyone else." - Brandon  Taylor DMD "

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