How to Ship

After you receive your label by email and/or mail, you can wrap all items securely in your box(s).  Put as many items as possible into each box and bundle multiple boxes together to create a single shipment.  Two Brightline boxes will fit inside the UPS Express Pak (bag) and will allow you to create one shipment.

Print and cutout or affix the label to the package.  Record the tracking number for future reference if needed.   Click HERE to find the nearest UPS-Drop Box.

 If you do not have an Express Pak (bag) to put your box inside, you can also affix the label to the box(s) using clear packaging tape.  You can also order Express Pak bags from us here.  

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Brightline has been fantastic to work with.  They have consistently give me excellent appliances from Hawleys to Nances.  As long as my office delivers an accurate model, we get back a well fitting appliance.  The attention to detail that Brightline exhibits has been superior to other reputable labs that I've tried, and their prices are fair as well.  I feel like I'm getting premium quality appliances for a reasonable price, which makes me happy.  Plus the owner, Kyle, is really involved and cares about his company.  Once, I left something off of an order form that I'd normally include, he caught that and calls me and asks if I wanted it according to my normal preferences or if I was wanting to leave it off...great service.  I used to use several labs for various appliances, but for the last 4 years I've used Brightline for everything that I need.  They make it easy and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg."

Kelson Orthodontics, Kelson Orthodontics Testimonial