Shipping Rates

Basic Shipping Charges
All shipments are made through UPS Ground Transportation.  Click HERE to see how long your package will take to get to Brightline.

Send us 4 Appliances or more in one shipment and your shipping is FREE!
Send us 3 Appliances in a box and your shipping is $6
Send us 2 Appliances in a box and your shipping is $9
Send us 1 Appliance in a box and your shipping is $12

Return shipping always FREE!

Additional Shipping Services

2 Day Air - $20
(basic shipping charges apply)

Rush! Next Day Air - $60
(basic shipping charges apply)
A Rush! Delivery is considered less than 2 days in lab with overnight delivery.  Please allow 4 business days from the time your appliance has been sent to the time you schedule your patient for placement.

We request that you allow 5 business days in lab for all appliances.  We suggest that you safely schedule 10 working days from the day the order leaves your office until placement.  We also request that on the Rx From, the due date is 2-3 days prior to your actual date of insertion.


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"Brightline Orthodontic Lab exceeds my expectations with every case I send.  Fit has always been perfect and appliance quality is great.  In the past I used multiple labs for my orthodontic appliances but have been so happy with Kyle and Brightline that I don't need anyone else." - Brandon  Taylor DMD "

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