Another Special

We are happy to say that we will be giving away Ipads to those doctors who have given us 150 appliances worth of business! Sweet! You can use this for your practice, a good patient incentive prize, or a gift to your best staff member. And the best can recieve more Ipads! Every time you give us 150 appliances, we will send you another Ipad!

We will have other special offers coming soon so be sure to check back often so see whats next.

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Brightline Orthodontic Lab has made my retainers for about 2 years.  I have been impressed with the attention to detail and accuracy of their products.  They fit with little to no adjustments.  Their acrylic work is beautiful as well.  Punctual scheduling has never caused me to wait for delivery.I highly recommend Brightline Orthodontic Lab for your orthodontic retention needs.  Brightline will be a valuable addition to your dental team and patient treatment needs.- Gary L. Turpen D.D.S."

Gary L. Turpen D.D.S,